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Promotions of the Day for June, 2008

Simpsons Day – Modesto Nuts

Sunday, June 1, 2008
Whatever you do, Do Not Have A Cow! Modesto is combining the white ball and green grass with those little yellow characters from the tube. The Nuts will ask Simpsons’ trivia and show video clips on the big board. It’s enough to make Homer want to order a sandwich.

Free fireworks in: Myrtle Beach.

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Salute to Indoor Plumbing – West Virginia Power

Monday, June 2, 2008
For the second year in a row West Virginia is honoring one of the most fundamental elements of civilization. Staffers will be dressed as plumbers, with costumes that feature overalls, mullets and plungers. There may even be an appearance from the most famous plumbers, the Mario Brothers. Redneck horseshoes (participants try to toss toilet seats around plungers) highlight the on-field events. And the special food of the night? Brownies, of course.

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Salute to Quitters – Altoona Curve

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
In sports today, it seems like it’s quit or get fired. Tonight, Altoona is saluting those who walk away on their own. Folks like Roberto Duran, and his famous “No mas!,” and former Atlanta Falcons coach Bobby Petrino will have their walk-aways honored. The Curve will hold their regular between-innings promos, only tonight they will encourage quitting. One lucky fan will even win a backdoor. In the spirit of the night, the Curve are encouraging that fan to leave through their new door – well before the game is over.

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Election Night – Lincoln Saltdogs

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Just when the primary season looked to be over, Lincoln is choosing to prolong it one more day. The American Association’s Saltdogs are asking their fans to decide once and for all some of the biggest issues facing America: Hot dogs or Hamburgers? Ketchup or mustard? Day game or night game? The Saltdogs will give preliminary results throughout the night, eventually announcing the overall winners. If hamburger somehow pulls a surprise victory, who does it choose as its running mate?

Free fireworks in: Buffalo.

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Asterisk Night – Lincoln Saltdogs

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Lincoln wants to salute the punctuation mark that adds ambiguity to any fact. Sure, they’ll poke fun at Barry Bonds. They will also do so with their own players, posting a .300 hitter’s batting average as .700, with an asterisk indicating that’s the frequency they make outs. In addition, the Saltdogs will give away $1 million to a lucky fan.* All of the promotions, such as the 30-second pizza delivery, will have asterisks changing the rules. There will even be an asterisk cam that superimposes fan faces onto asterisks.
* - May not actually happen.

Free fireworks in: Myrtle Beach and New Hampshire.

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Hillbilly Weekend – Florence Freedom

Friday, June 6, 2008
Tonight’s game launches a promotion so big, it takes up the entire weekend. The Frontier League’s Freedom will channel their inner hillbilly, offering wagon rides and banjo music. Sunday features wiener dog races. Saturday, though, offers the highlight: cow patty bingo. Following the game fans will plant flags in the outfield. Then a cow will be led onto the field to do its business. The fan whose flag is planted closest to the patty wins. That’s some bragging rights right there.

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Atlantic City, Binghamton, Birmingham, Buffalo, Chico, Clearwater, Colorado Springs, Durham, Florence, Fort Worth, Gary, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Jupiter, Kannapolis, Lancaster JetHawks, Lakewood, Lansing, Las Vegas, Lexington, Louisville, Memphis, Mobile, Modesto, Nashville, New Orleans, Northwest Arkansas, Omaha, River City, Salem, Savannah, Scranton-Wilkes Barre, Southern Illinois, Tacoma, Tennessee, Tulsa, Vero Beach, Winston-Salem, West Tenn and Wisconsin.

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Purple Game – St. Paul Saints

Saturday, June 7, 2008
St. Paul could not pass up the opportunity to celebrate native son Prince’s 50th birthday. To get fans in the mood to party like it’s, well, 2008, Saints players will be wearing purple uniforms featuring symbols instead of numbers. Prizes for at least one of the contests will be really little red corvettes. They are even encouraging fans to dress like Prince, which technically would be illegal in many states. They are coving all the bases – yep, they’ll be purple, too.

Free fireworks in: Binghamton, Birmingham, Cedar Rapids, Clearwater, Daytona, Hagerstown, High Desert, Lancaster, Lansing, Lexington, Nashville, New Hampshire, Peoria, Potomac, Rancho Cucamonga, Sacramento, Somerset, Northwest Arkansas, Toledo, Trenton, Windy City and Wisconsin.

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Wienermania – San Angelo Colts

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Several clubs host wiener dog races, but none are celebrating dachshunds quite the way the United League’s Colts are. Sure, there are wiener dog races – several heats in fact, with the finals happening on the field after the game. There’s also a wiener dog costume contest, prizes for the heaviest and longest dachshunds, and an award for the dog that looks most like its owner. It’s even become a tradition for some fans to dress their wiener dogs like hot dogs, which could make for some interesting adventures at the concession stands.

Free fireworks in: Altoona and Toledo.

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Salute to the Wheel – West Virginia Power

Monday, June 9, 2008
The wheel has been called man’s greatest invention and that’s more than enough inspiration for West Virginia. Being from the south, the Power will feature many NASCAR pit-like promotions, such as a between-innings race while pushing tires. To show just how important the wheel is, West Virginia will also hold a race where contestants have to push square wheels. The Power will save the square-peg-into-round-hole competition for a later date.

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No Place Like Home – St. Paul Saints

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
The Saints want to help fans celebrate what would have been Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland’s 86th birthday. St. Paul already has a yellow brick road that leads to the main gate. Once inside the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion will greet fans. The best between-inning contest features a game where fans shoot baseballs at flying monkeys. To really bring the theme home, the Saints hired several Judy Garland impersonators to visit the ballpark – none of them women.

Free fireworks in: Orange County.

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Polish Night – New Britain Rock Cats

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
New Britain is celebrating the heritage of those fans that came to the area from the former communist country. A local Polish restaurant is bringing some of their food to the ballpark. The Rock Cats will also offer deals on their own polish sausages and kielbasa. Polish dancers will greet fans as they enter the front gate and there will be a band strolling throughout the park playing Polish music. Get ready to polka!

Free fireworks in: West Michigan and Windy City.

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We Love the Drake – Fort Myers Miracle

Thursday, June 12, 2008
The friends on Seinfeld loved the Drake, and the folks at Fort Myers love Seinfeld. To pay homage to the comedy, the Miracle are having none other than Superman throw out the first pitch. A Soup Nazi will be in the ballpark offering a nice hot bowl of soup to the Floridian fans, and a sensitivity awareness counselor will be there in case Michael Richards shows up. The highlight, however, should be the Elaine Benes dance contest, where the worst dancer boogies their way to a prize. Get your thumbs and kicks ready.

Free fireworks in: Beloit Lehigh Valley, Reading, Montgomery, New Orleans, South Bend and Trenton.

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Spygate Demolition Night – Brockton Rox

Friday, June 13, 2008
Get ready for the second coming of Disco Demolition. Brockton is inviting their fans to bring any videotape that needs to be destroyed to the ballpark. Following their Can-Am League game, Rox officials will assemble the tapes in a pile, and none other than Mike Veeck – the brains behind the famed White Sox explosive night - will flip the switch, igniting the evidence. The Rox have offered the New England Patriots a prime spot in the pile for any scouting tapes they need destroyed. The Patriots have yet to take them up on the offer.

Free fireworks in: Akron, Albuquerque, Bowie, Brockton, Charleston, Columbus Catfish, Connecticut, El Paso, Fort Worth, Frederick, Fresno, Greenville, Hickory, Iowa, Joliet, Lake County, Lake Elsinore, Lancaster, Lehigh Valley, New Britain, Newark, Quad Cities, Rancho Cucamonga, Rochester, Rockford, Round Rock, Schaumburg, Springfield, Southern Illinois, Toledo, Traverse City, Tucson, Visalia, Washington, West Virginia and Worcester.

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30 Inch Right-Handed Bat Giveaway – Charleston RiverDogs

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Last year Charleston gave away left-handed bats and received about a dozen phone calls complaining that their right-handed children couldn’t use them. The RiverDogs are making it up to their fans by giving away full-sized right-handed bats this year. And they are doing it on the same night as their Kindness Beats Blindness auction. Hopefully the fans don’t combine the two promotions.

Free fireworks in: Bowie, Bridgeport, Delmarva, Erie, Frederick, Grand Prairie, Great Lakes, Kannapolis, Lake County, Midland, Norfolk, Peoria, Reading, Rochester, Sacramento, Salt Lake, Stockton, Toledo, West Michigan and Wichita.

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Father’s Day Giveaway – Erie SeaWolves

Sunday, June 15, 2008
Erie will help three fathers have an even happier Father’s Day. Three lucky guys will leave the ballpark with a prize; either a recliner, a lawn mower or a string trimmer. At the start of the game the Eastern League’s SeaWolves will pick three names. Each person will line up in front of their prize – the recliner being the best, the trimmer being third. Every time an Erie batter smacks a hit, the contestants move up a prize, bumping the recliner-sitter out of the contest. A new name will be selected and he’ll take the spot at the trimmer. The people in front of a prize when the game ends will take that prize home, which means that every SeaWolves fan but one will be rooting for a hit each time an Erie player steps in the box.

Free fireworks in: Frederick, Myrtle Beach, Toledo and West Virginia.

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Sitcom Night – Modesto Nuts

Monday, June 16, 2008
Before the reality show craze, Americans went gaga for the situation comedy. Modesto is reviving some of the greats tonight. Clips from Seinfeld, Cheers and Friends will play on the video board between innings. Players walking to bat will do so to the accompaniment of sitcom theme songs. The Nuts will even get the fans involved with a Name That Sitcom Tune contest. Barney Miller’s theme has to be one of them.

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World Record Night – New Jersey Jackals

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Jack the Jackal seeks the recognition of the people at Guinness. For weeks he’s been milling about town high-fiving people. Tonight he wants to apply all that practice to an attempt to break the record for most high-fives in an hour. Jack needs to press palms with more than 500 different individuals and there should me more than that at tonight’s Can-Am League ballgame, which begs the question: If you break the record for high fives, how do you celebrate?

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Auburn, Boise, Hudson Valley, Idaho Falls, Jamestown, Mahoning Valley, Orem and Spokane.

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You Got Caught Night – Altoona Curve

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
The Eastern League’s Curve are having a little fun at the expense of those who’ve been caught bending or breaking some rules. In a nod to New England coach Bill Belichick, all Curve videographers will wear Patriots jerseys. Altoona is also promising a between-inning contest centering around former Indiana University basketball coach Kelvin Sampson’s rules-violating telephone use. Can a late-inning Richard Nixon hotel break-in be far behind?

Free fireworks in: San Antonio, Wilmington and Winnipeg.

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Hands Free Night – Spokane Indians

Thursday, June 19, 2008
Spokane’s season just started and the Northwest League’s Indians are already looking to help their fans. A Washington law that forbids drivers from talking on the phone while driving unless they are using a hands-free headset goes into effect on July 1. Spokane, with the help of All-State insurance, is giving away hands-free headsets to their first 1,000 fans tonight. For that, Spokane deserves a hand.

Free fireworks in: New Hampshire and Portland.

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Spam Carving Competition – Reading Phillies

Friday, June 20, 2008
Fans who understand the art of playing with their food need to be in Reading. The Phillies will sell any fan as many cans of Spam as they need for $5 per can. Plastic knives for carving will be provided, though true Spam-carving enthusiasts often bring tools more commonly used for shaping clay. The winner will receive $100, while all other proceeds collected will go to charity. The last time Reading held this event, a carving of the Phillie Phanatic edged Yosemite Spam and a sculpture of clocks dubbed “Spam-ador Dali” for the top prize. Really!

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Atlantic City, Batavia, Birmingham, Brockton, Casper, Columbus Catfish, Colorado Springs, Connecticut, Durham, Fargo-Moorhead, Gary, Greeneville, Greenville, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Iowa, Kannapolis, Kinston, Lake Elsinore, Lakewood, Lansing, Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, Newark, Northwest Arkansas, Peoria, Reading, River City, Round Rock, Salem-Keizer, Scranton-Wilkes Barre, Somerset, South Bend, Springfield, Syracuse, Tennessee, Tulsa, Winston-Salem, Washington and Wisconsin.

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Backwards Night – Bakersfield Blaze

Saturday, June 21, 2008
Let’s take it from the bottom. Bakersfield will try to play tonight’s game in reverse. Runs scored in the first at-bats will be posted on the scoreboard in the ninth frame, counting backward as the game progresses. One lucky fan will throw out the first pitch following the first inning (post-game). The home-standing Blaze will be wearing their road uniforms and all Bakersfield staffers will wear their clothes backwards. Even the between-inning promotions will be run in reverse. The Blaze will keep adding chairs to the musical chairs contest, which could conceivably go on forever.

Free fireworks in: Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Charlotte, Clearwater, Daytona, Delmarva, Grand Prairie, High Desert, Lansing, Lexington, Montgomery, Nashville, New Hampshire, Potomac, Reading, Southern Maryland, Trenton, Wichita and Winston-Salem.

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Sasquatchcentenial – St. Paul Saints

Sunday, June 22, 2008
It grew out of a misunderstanding. See, Minnesota is celebrating its sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of becoming a state. The folks in the Saints front office didn’t hear that correctly. They thought it was Big Foot’s 100th birthday. By the time St. Paul learned of the error, it was too late to turn back. The Saints had already invited the likes of the Loch Ness Monster and the Abominable Snowman to the park to help Sasquatch celebrate. Fans can visit the Big Foot photo booth where they can have a picture taken with the man-ape – or at least a photo with a fuzzy, pseuo-human body part lingering in the background. And, of course, there will be cake. Just be careful lighting the candles around the big fella.

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Delmarva, Everett, Tri-City Dust Devils and Yakima.

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Scoundrels Exposed – St. Paul Saints

Monday, June 23, 2008
The Saints go back-to-back, following Sasquatchcentenial with a night that salutes the worst mankind has to offer. St. Paul is celebrating China’s Year of the Rat by calling out such historical rats as Ivan the Terrible, Benedict Arnold and Pete Rose for the damage they did to humanity. Closer to home, the Saints will place a hidden microphone on a staffer, who will report back to the P. A. announcer the actions of one fan. They will even give kazoos to an entire section and have them play the theme from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” He certainly was a mean one…

Free fireworks in: Fort Worth.

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Baby Olympics – Hudson Valley Renegades

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Hudson Valley wanted to get families involved in a promotion and their version of the Summer Olympics really carries the torch. The Renegades will choose a handful of four-year-old children to compete in games. There will be normal games, like ring and water balloon tosses, and some uncommon ones as well. In “Feed the Hand” the kids as a group will try to eat more cookies than Renegade fan Bob Hand. “Snowman” challenges kids to make a human snowman out of parents by wrapping them in toilet paper, covering their faces in whipped cream, and using cookies and carrots for facial features. The ultimate winner gets a $500 savings bond and a medal – hopefully made out of chocolate.

Free fireworks in: Fort Worth.

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Go Back to Ohio Night – Charleston RiverDogs

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Any native Charlestonian will tell you that the city is overrun with transplants from Ohio. Tonight, the RiverDogs will give a backhanded, tongue-and-cheek salute the Buckeye State. The between-inning contests will pit southerners against native Ohioans. Charleston will salute weird laws from both states – in Ohio it is illegal to go whale fishing on Sunday – and there will be a contest to determine the most outlandishly dressed Ohioan. The winner receives a one-way bus ticket back to Ohio.

Free fireworks in: Springfield.

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Flight to Nowhere Night – Fort Myers Miracle

Thursday, June 26, 2008
What would a baseball game be like if the airlines ran the ballpark? Fort Myers will answer that question tonight. Fans carrying bags into the ballpark will be charged extra. Staffers dressed as stewardesses will direct fans to their seats. Fans sitting in box seats will receive first class service, including hot towels, magazines and a beverage cart. Those in coach will have to pay for small bags of peanuts and pretzels. The game is likely to start late, without any explanation given, while fans will be locked in the ballpark for a few minutes following the game to simulate a late arrival. Will someone sneak into the restroom and tamper with the smoke detector?

Free fireworks in: Everett, Hudson Valley, Reading, Sacramento and Somerset.

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Mustache Night – Erie SeaWolves

Friday, June 27, 2008
Hark! What grows there! Erie is paying tribute to men intent on covering their upper lip. Any man or women entering the ballpark with mustache receives half-off admission. The SeaWolves will use the video board to show what their players would look like should they choose to ‘stache. It will also feature famous mustaches like Tom Selleck and Rollie Fingers. Fans will even leave with a souvenir – a bobblehead doll of manager Tom Brookens – whose mustache has been deemed bobble-tastic.

Free fireworks in: Akron, Beloit, Boise, Bowie, Brooklyn, Charleston, Florence, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Fresno, Greensboro, Hagerstown, Hickory, Iowa, Joliet, Lake County, Lancaster JetHawks, Mahoning Valley, Mobile, Modesto, Omaha, Rochester, Round Rock, Savannah, Schaumburg, Sioux Falls, Southern Illinois, Southern Maryland, Springfield, State College, Sussex, Tacoma, Toledo, Traverse City, Tri-City, West Tenn, West Virginia and Worcester.

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Mr. Celery’s Birthday – Wilmington Blue Rocks

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Every time Wilmington scores, Mr. Celery takes the field. He dances around a little bit behind home plate, high fives some fans, then runs back under the stands (see main story). Well today the Blue Rocks are going to celebrate Mr. Celery’s birthday. No one really knows how old the stalk is. Folks are not even completely sure today is his real birthday. Still, plenty of local high school and college mascots will be on hand to help him celebrate. But don’t tell him. It’s a surprise.

Free fireworks in: Auburn, Beloit, Bowie, Bridgeport, Burlington Bees, Fort Myers, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Great Lakes, Lake County, Lakeland, Lincoln, New Hampshire, Peoria, Rochester, Southern Maryland, Spokane, Stockton, Toledo, West Michigan Windy City, Winnipeg, and York.

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Salute to Breakfast – Toledo Mud Hens

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Toledo and the International House of Pancakes are getting together to honor the first meal of the day. Even though it’s a night game, fans are encouraged to wear their pajamas. The concession stands will serve eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage. On field promotions include a giant pancake-stacking contest. And on the way out of the ballpark fans will receive a coupon for breakfast at IHOP. So stay out all night in your pajamas, then go get some free breakfast.

Free fireworks in: Bowie, State College and West Virginia.

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Salute to College Night – Mahoning Valley Scrappers

Monday, June 30, 2008
Choosing the right college can be tough Mahoning Valley wants to help its area high school students. The Scrappers gave away 8,000 tickets to high school students who just completed their junior year. The Scrappers will open the ballpark gates two hours early so prospective students can meet with representatives from almost 20 colleges. One lucky fan will even leave the ballpark with a $1,000 scholarship, courtesy of the Scrappers.

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