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Promotions of the Day for June, 2007


Stanley Cup Scavenger Hunt – Ottawa Lynx

Friday, June 1, 2007

Canada is Cup Crazy and the Ottawa Lynx are feeding the frenzy. The NHL’s championship returns to Canada’s capital for the first time since 1927. The Lynx are celebrating by sending some of their friends to the games. Fans that bring all 16 items listed in their scavenger hunt to the ballpark tonight will be entered in a drawing for tickets to a Stanley Cup game. The fun continues on Monday when the winner of the on-field musical chairs promotion also wins tickets. It’s a wonderful merger of home runs and goals, and down 2-0 the Ottawa Senators need all the help they can get. Free fireworks in: Asheville, Binghamton, Birmingham, Buffalo, Charleston, Chattanooga, Durham, El Paso, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Fresno, Greenville, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Jupiter, Kannapolis, Lakewood, Lansing, Memphis, Mobile, Nashville, New Britain, New Orleans, Quad Cities, Rancho Cucamonga, River City, Savannah, Somerset, Sioux Falls, Springfield, Sussex, Tacoma, Tulsa, Vero Beach, Washington, Winston-Salem and Wisconsin.

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Bob Barker Bobblehead – Fresno Grizzlies

Saturday, June 2, 2007

It’s game show night with a twist in Fresno. The Grizzlies mascot, Parker, is big, orange an furry. They dressed him up as The Price Is Right host Bob Barker and made a bobble-head doll out of the look. The first 2,500 fans in the park will receive this “Bob Parker” doll. The Grizz will follow the Price is Right theme the rest of the night, asking fans to “Come on Down!” to participate in between-innings games of Hole in One, Cliffhangers and Plinko. Let’s hope they’ve got that big spinning wheel.

Free fireworks in: Bowie, Bridgeport, Camden, Chattanooga, Clearwater, Daytona. Delmarva, Frederick, Kane County, Lancaster Barnstormers, Lexington, Montgomery, Nashville, New Haven, New Jersey, Norfolk, Peoria, Potomac, San Antonio, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Tennessee, Trenton, Wichita, Windy City and Wisconsin.

Check out my blog for more on Crazy minor league promotions and fans.


Lou Gehrig Replica Hall of Fame Plaque Giveaway – Rochester Red Wings

Sunday, June 3, 2007
Rochester isn’t a Yankees franchise, but they are honoring one of the Yankees’ greats. The Red Wings are trying to raise awareness about ALS – the disease that crippled and ultimately killed Gehrig. The first 2,000 fans that enter the ballpark will receive a hard plastic replica of Gehrig’s Hall-of-Fame plaque. Many teams are holding ALS awareness events, but this is perhaps the coolest giveaway that goes with it. At least 2,000 people will take home a daily reminder of the legacy of Gehrig.

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Kane County and Tennessee.

Dumb Comedy Night – Modesto Nuts

Monday, June 4, 2007
The Nuts are bringing the comedy – sort of. During Dumb Comedy Night, Modesto will put some classic movie clips from CaddyShack and Animal House on the video board. The highlight of the night, though, will be the knock-knock joke competition, where the Nuts plan to have kids tell jokes between innings. At the end of the night the crowd will vote on the best joke, with the winning comic receiving a prize package that includes tickets to an upcoming game. Makes you really want to know who’s there, doesn’t it?

Shave Your Head Like Britney – St. Joe Blacksnakes

Tuesday, June 5, 2007
The American Association’s Blacksnakes think just enough of Britney Spears to give her a night at the ballpark. St. Joe is bringing in students from a local beautician school to shave the heads of any fans who get the urge. Those who shave their heads will get in free. There is also going to be a prize for the person who looks most like the bald pop queen. The highlight of the night will be the Britney relay, where contestants wearing blonde wigs will have to run to a case of beer, carry it to a baby doll, change the doll’s diaper, put it in a stroller, then wheel the baby and the beer across the finish line. No word on whether the contestants can keep the beer.

Free fireworks in: Kane County.

For the Love of Baseball – Palm Beach Cardinals

Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Toilet paper only seems like it’s been around forever. In fact, TP was inThe Florida State League’s Cardinals seemed ready to put together a normal night. Palm Beach is asking every fan to write down what they love about baseball. The fan with the best entry wins a prize. The night will go a little zany shortly after that with the start of a kissing marathon. The Cardinals will get the competing couples “in the mood” by sitting them on some used car back seats they picked up at a junk yard. The couples will start kissing in the first inning. The last couple kissing will receive a date prize pack that includes dinner and a movie. To top the night off, any fan dressed as a member of KISS gets in free.

“Hug it Out” World Record – Oklahoma City Redhawks

Thursday, June 7, 2007
Yesterday’s Promo of the Day featured kissing. Today’s gives you a hug. Rowdy, the Redhawks’ mascot is going to try break the world record of 612 hugs in an hour. He’s been practicing hugging things all week in anticipation of the big night. He’ll still be under a lot of pressure tonight. When it starts for real, hugging all those lamps won’t count.

Free fireworks in: Reading, Salt Lake and Trenton.

Ejection Night – Palm Beach Cardinals

Friday, June 8, 2007
The gift that was Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman’s meltdown keeps giving. Palm Beach is going to have a little fun with Wellman’s crazed antics. The Cardinals are going to show Wellman’s hat tossing, base throwing, grenade pantomiming act on the video board, then they are going to ask some lucky contestants to participate in the Ejection Olympics. The five events that make up the Olympics are tossing a hat through a hula hoop, throwing a base for distance, accurately lobbing a rosin bag like a hand grenade, fake arguing and dirt kicking. Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each event, with the overall winner taking home tickets to a future game. The Braves may also suspend the winner for three games.

Free fireworks in: Akron, Asheville, Birmingham, Bridgeport, Brockton, Colorado Springs, Columbus Catfish, Connecticut, Florence, Great Lakes, Harrisburg, Indianapolis, Iowa, Lake County, Lake Elsinore, Lansing, Las Vegas, Lincoln, Louisville, Midland, Mobile, Newark, Omaha, Reading, River City, Somerset, Springfield, Stockton, Sussex, Toledo, Tucson, Visalia, Winston-Salem and Wisconsin.

Giveaway a TV an Inning – Sussex Skyhawks

Saturday, June 9, 2007
This shapes up to be a great day at the ballpark for guys. Nine lucky fans who come to the Skyhawks of the Can-Am game against Atlantic City will leave with brand new televisions. Those who don’t win will get to see the monster truck “Ramminator” at the ballpark. Crushing stuff, watching the tube and baseball – a guy’s life doesn’t get much better.

Free fireworks in: Bridgeport, Charlotte, Daytona, Delmarva, Erie, Fort Worth, Harrisburg, Hickory, Inland Empire, Lansing, Nashua, North Shore, Potomac, Reading, St. Lucie, San Antonio, Toledo, Windy City, Winston-Salem, Wichita, and Wisconsin.


They Came From Outer Space Night – Toledo Mud Hens

Sunday, June 10, 2007
The Mud Hens have been preparing for this weekend for a while. Toledo announced a member of their staff found large eggs in their ballpark. “Specialists” announced that the eggs were alien in nature. Today, the Mud Hens will show a video of the eggs hatching on their video board. Then, emerging from the smoke will be two new inflatable mascots: Muddevious and Muddiva. They are supposed to be the alien alter egos of the existing mascots. Sound out of this world to us.


St. Patty’s Night Tribute to Red Auerbach – Nashua Pride

Monday, June 11, 2007
Nashua may be in New Hampshire, not Massachusetts, but it’s still Boston Celtics country. The independent Atlantic League’s Pride are honoring the Celtics and their late legend Red Auerbach with this special night. Former Celtic Jo Jo White will be at the ballpark, as will the Celtics’ mascot and their dances. Fans will receive shamrock pint glasses when they enter the ballpark. They can turn their beer green with food coloring, eat some corned beef and revel in some of Auerbach’s legendary accomplishments, which will be recounted between innings.

Is It Really a Sport – Charleston RiverDogs

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
The South Atlantic League’s RiverDogs are tackling some tough questions tonight. They will attempt to determine whether seven activities – NASCAR racing, cheerleading, hotdog eating, professional wrestling, figure skating, fishing and competitive rock paper scissors – should be considered sports. Three local sports media personalities will be at the park to give their opinions on each activity. Fans will also be handed ballots on their way into the ballpark so they can vote on whether each activity is a sport. Charleston will post the results on their Web site tomorrow. Think local cheerleaders are starting a “Get Out the Vote” campaign?

Free fireworks in: Quad Cities.

Bad Date Night – Jupiter Hammerheads

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
We’ve all had them – now Jupiter is going to celebrate them. The Hammerheads are asking their fans to write down their worst date experience. Some of the really bad ones will be read over the public address between innings. The worst one, as judged by the front office, receives a gift certificate to Denny’s, where the winner can set about creating new bad date experiences. Then they can call their best friend and cry about it.

Free fireworks in: Kane County and Long Beach.

“Don’t Be a Bengal,” Be a Good Citizen Night – Fort Myers Miracle

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Fort Myers is fed up with the rate with which Cincinnati Bengals players are getting arrested and with the light punishment they receive. As a result, fans entering the ballpark will receive a slap on the wrist. Fans wearing Bengals gear will be charged $8.50 (ocho-cinco) for their tickets. A Chad Johnson will throw out the first pitch and one lucky fan will win a chance to make fun of the Bengals face-to-face. The Miracle will give away a set of tickets to the Bengals’ New Year’s Eve game against the Dolphins in Miami.

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Kane County, Kinston, New Hampshire, Peoria, Portland and Trenton.

Inaugural Night – York Revolution

Friday, June 15, 2007
The good folks of York, Penn., had to wait a while to get a professional baseball team. Then, when the season started, it had to wait a while longer. Ballpark construction delays forced the Revolution to play the first month of their Atlantic League schedule on the road. Tonight, they finally get to play at home when they host Newark. A fife and drum corps will lead the fans into the ballpark and Brooks Robinson will throw out the first pitch.

Free fireworks in:Atlantic City, Bowie, Brockton, Camden, Carolina, Chico, Colorado Springs, Durham, El Paso, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Greenville, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Iowa, Kane County, Lake Elsinore, Lakewood, Lancaster Barnstormers, Mississippi, Nashville, New Orleans, Rochester, Savannah, Sioux Falls, Somerset, Springfield, St. Joe, Sussex, Tennessee, Tacoma, Traverse City, Tulsa, Visalia, West Michigan, West Virginia, York and Yuma.

Jeff and Graig Nettles Bobble-head – Somerset Patriots

Saturday, June 16, 2007
Graig Nettles was a star third baseman in the late 1970s and early 1980s for the New York Yankees. His son Jeff hasn’t experienced that kind of success as a professional, spending just a couple of seasons for the Yankees’ Triple-A franchise. For the Patriots, however, Jeff is one of the all-time greats. He’s the career leader in RBIs and is second in homeruns, hits and doubles. The father and son are immortalized on one bobble-head in one of the coolest Father’s Day giveaways ever.

Free fireworks in: Albuquerque, Bowie, Camden, Cedar Rapids, Charlotte, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Hagerstown, Iowa, Kane County, Kannapolis, Montgomery, Nashville, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Peoria, Quad Cities, Rochester, San Antonio, Trenton, West Michigan, West Virginia, Wilmington and York.

National Egg Toss Championship – Hagerstown Suns

Sunday, June 17, 2007
For the third year in a row some fans are going to leave a Hagerstown game with egg on their faces. The Suns’ National Egg Toss Championship is national only in the sense that that word “National” is in the title. Semantics, however, don’t lessen the fun. Two teammates stand 10 feet from each other and try to successfully pitch and catch their egg without breaking it. Those teams who successfully complete their mission take one step backward and do it all over again. Last year 55 teams competed, with the winning team successfully catching an egg tossed 60 feet. The Suns are expecting more competitors this year and are even hoping some players join the fun. No, they can’t use their gloves. They can, should they choose, enjoy a post game omelet.

Free fireworks in: Altoona.

Back to Summer – Orange County Flyers

Monday, June 18, 2007
It’s still a few days before the summer solstice, but Golden League’s Flyers simply can’t wait. Orange County is celebrating the boys of summer by holding a bunch of events with summer themes. To put their stamp on the end of the school year, Orange County will have a textbook-ripping contest. All the staffers will be wearing their summer clothes and Frisbees will be flying throughout the park. Fans can even get down to some summertime music, although it is doubtful that Y&T’s heavy metal classic Summertime Girls will be on the playlist.

Honorary Umpire Night – Tennessee Smokies

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
The Southern League’s Smokies have some pretty good things going on tonight. Like many teams, they are attempting to raise money to fight ALS (Lou Gerhig’s disease). Tennessee is asking its fans, staff and local businesses to pledge money for each strikeout in the game. While that’s a great cause, the part of the night that could be most interesting will be when their honorary umpire takes the field. The Smokies will bring one child onto to the field to sweep off home plate and get the game going. How many fans do you think will boo?

Free fireworks in: Everett, Greeneville, Jamestown, Kane County and Spokane.

Billy Donovan Night – Fort Myers Miracle

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
This media juggernaut’s time has finally come. Fort Myers received national attention when it announced it was going to mock the decision making process of University of Florida/Orlando Magic/University of Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan. Any fan that purchases a ticket but wants to leave the game early will have to negotiate an “out clause” from the Miracle’s legal representative. Part of the process will include shooting either a UF or Orlando basketball through a hoop. Any fan that purchases a ticket and chooses to stay at the park for the entire game will be eligible to win four tickets to an SEC game in Gainesville this season. The Miracle are offering no guarantee Donovan will still be around by then.

Free fireworks in: State College and Windy City.

Prom Night – Vancouver Canadians

Thursday, June 21, 2007
The Canadians are asking their fans to do their hair up nice and put one their best formal wear for a night at the ballpark. The stands will be decorated with toilet paper streamers and there will be plenty of ballads for slow dancing. Vancouver also promises to send any prom attendee who misbehaves by streaking or spiking the punch to an after school detention.

Free fireworks in: Reading.

Used Car Giveaway – New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Rome Braves and San Antonio Missions

Friday, June 22, 2007
Need a car? Well, today is the day to go to the ballpark. Three different clubs from three different organizations and three different leagues are giving away used cars. The clubs didn’t call each other to pick this date, either. Will their staffs all show up wearing the same outfits? Head to the park and find out.

Free fireworks in: Akron, Atlantic City, Auburn, Binghamton, Boise, Bridgeport, Burlington, Camden, Columbus, Connecticut, Daytona, Everett, Fresno, Great Lakes, Hickory, Hudson Valley, Lake County, Lake Elsinore, Lakewood, Lexington, Lincoln, Long Island, Louisville, Mahoning Valley, Modesto, Montgomery, Nashville, New Orleans, Reading, River City, Rockford, Round Rock, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Sioux Falls, Springfield, Staten Island, Tennessee, Toledo, Tucson, Washington, West Virginia, Wilmington, and Wisconsin.

Graffiti Night – Modesto Nuts

Saturday, June 23, 2007
George Lucas’ classic 1950s teen film was shot in Modesto and the Nuts are ready to celebrate. The ballpark will be filled with the sounds of old-time rock n’ roll. Root beer floats will be available at the concession stands. There will even be a classic car show on the stadium grounds. So, don’t be a square. Throw on your best T-shirt and go Nuts.

Free fireworks in: Binghamton, Bridgeport, Burlington, Charlotte, Clearwater, Lansing, New Hampshire, New Haven, Potomac, Rancho Cucamonga, Reading, San Antonio, Toledo, West Tenn, Windy City and York.


An Inconvenient Spoof – Sioux Falls Canaries

Sunday, June 24, 2007
Think this global warming thing is a little uncool? Well, so do the American Association’s Canaries. Sioux Falls is going to have a little fun with climate change and a stiff little preacher named Al Gore. The ozone layer will never be safe again – and gore can go back to reinventing the internet.

Free fireworks in: Lancaster Barnstormers, Mahoning Valley, State College, Somerset, Toledo, and Yakima.

Nothing Night – Lake Elsinore Storm

Monday, June 25, 2007
This is no frills baseball at its best. For the third year in a row, the California League’s Storm are holding a night of nothing but baseball. There will be no ticket or concession sales, no anthem or any other kind of music in the park. Fans can bring coolers full of food and soft drinks. Only two stadium employees will be working that day – the radio broadcaster and one beer vendor. It’s against the law in California for fans to bring their own beer into the ballpark, so Modesto is making this one concession to their fans. Ahh, the power of beer.

Free fireworks in: Fort Worth and Tri-City.

Worst Music of All Time Night – Long Beach Armada

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
For the last month the Armada have been collecting nominations for the worst song of all time. Those songs were posted on Long Beach’s Web site, allowing fans to choose their least favorite. The Armada will count down the bottom 20, essentially playing a song snippet over the ballpark sound system every half inning. When the final out is recorded, fans will learn the worst song of all time. If there is a God, the fans will be listening to “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.

Free fireworks in: Binghamton, Fort Worth and Kane County.

Tribute to Teeth – Nashua Pride

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Most of us still have some of them, so Nashua figures, hey, let’s celebrate them. As part of their Salute to Teeth, the Can-Am League’s Pride are giving out toothbrushes to fans as they enter the ballpark. There will also be special events for all dentists in the ballpark. Finally, Pride officials will be walking through the ballpark checking their fans’ choppers. The fan with the worst teeth will receive a prize – and likely 100 different business cards from the dentists in attendance.

Free fireworks in: Kane County, Tri-City, West Michigan and Wilmington.

Mike Tyson Earn Night – Fort Myers Miracle

Thursday, June 28, 2007
It’s been 10 years since Mike Tyson bit Evander Hollyfield’s ear during their heavyweight bout. Fort Myers was not about to let the date pass without fanfare. The Miracle are giving plastic ears to their fans as they enter the gates. There will also be a facial tattoo artist in the ballpark and tasty Elephant Ears at the concession stand. Word is they are still looking for contestants to participate in the between-inning ear biting contest.

Free fireworks in: Batavia, Kane County, New Hampshire and Sioux Falls.


Cow Milking Contest – Frederick Keys

Friday, June 29, 2007
Most promotions center around fan activities. Tonight, the Frederick Keys are getting the players involved. Keys players will be pitted against their counterparts from the Kinston Indians to determine milking supremacy. Each team will enter three players in the contest. Each player will have 30 seconds to drain as much milk from their cow as possible. The team with the most milk in their bucket wins – although what they win is still a bit unclear. It’s a night that brings a whole new meaning to the term “farmhands.”

Free fireworks in: Asheville, Binghamton, Birmingham, Bowie, Camden, Carolina, Charleston, Chico, Colorado Springs, Durham, Everett, Florence, Fort Wayne, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Hudson Valley, Huntsville, Iowa, Lincoln, Louisville, Mississippi, Mobile, Myrtle Beach, Omaha, Quad Cities, Rancho Cucamonga, River City, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Somerset, South Bend, Sussex, Syracuse, Tacoma, Toledo, Tulsa, Visalia and Washington.


Left-handed Bat Giveaway – Charleston RiverDogs

Saturday, June 30, 2007
The South Atlantic League’s Charleston RiverDogs are giving away left-handed bats. The first 1,000 kids to enter the park will receive the 30-inch pieces of lumber. The RiverDogs have already received at least 20 phone calls from parents concerned that their right-handed children wouldn't be able to use the left-handed bat. (Think about it.)

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Augusta, Bridgeport, Cedar Rapids, Chillicothe, Delmarva, Durham, Fort Wayne, Great Falls, Great Lakes, Greenville, Kannapolis, Las Vegas, Midland, Montgomery, Nashville, New Haven, New Jersey, North Shore, Orem, Peoria, Reading, San Jose, Traverse City, Trenton, West Tenn, Wichita, Williamsport, Windy City, and York.

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