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Promotions of the Day for July, 2008

Win a Race Horse Night – Harrisburg Senators

Monday, July 1, 2008
Harrisburg will turn a night at the ballpark into a day at the races. Two lucky fans, chosen tonight at random, will each leave the ballpark as three-percent owners of Yankee Pal, a thoroughbred that often races at a track near the ballpark. Aside from collecting their portion of any purses that come Yankee Pal’s way, the new owners will be allowed to sit in the owner’s box for a few races and will be exempted from paying any of the horse’s expenses for a year. Giddy up.

Free fireworks in: Arkansas, Charleston, Durham, Greenville, Hudson Valley, Jamestown, Rome, South Bend, Springfield and Wilmington.

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Irony Awareness Night – St. Paul Saints

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
A St. Paul staffer heard that Alanis Morissette song the other day and it really got him peeved. He wondered why she doesn’t know the difference between irony and coincidence? Then he figured that if a Canadian pop superstar didn’t know, there are probably others who don’t know, either. Tonight, the Saints will try to teach people the true meaning of the word “irony” with their between-inning skits. The PA announcer is planning a long dissertation on the differences in meaning. And their games will also explore the difference between irony and coincidence. For example, the bag used in their What’s in the Bag? game will be filled with lots of smaller bags. Isn’t that ironic? Don’t ya think?

Free fireworks in: Birmingham, Daytona, Durham, Elizabethton, Eugene, Las Vegas, Lehigh Valley, Montgomery, Norfolk, Pawtucket, Reading, South Bend, Tri-City Dust Devils, Tri-City Valley Cats and West Michigan.

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Ag Night – State College Spikes

Wednesday, July 3, 2008
Penn State boasts one of the largest agricultural programs in the country and the Spikes play their games on the campus, so this promotion is a natural. What’s more, this is one of the few promotions that will get players involved. As part of the fun, State College will host a pre-game cow-milking contest and some uniformed Spikes players will participate. There will also be a live petting zoo in the park, all kinds of agriculture-based trivia, and informational tables to help local farmers, but the milking contest is the key. As superstitious as baseball players can be, if one of the contestants goes on to hit a grand slam, will he insist on milking a cow for good luck before every game?

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Atlantic City, Bakersfield, Birmingham, Boise, Buffalo, Chattanooga, Clearwater, Columbus, Danville, Daytona, Erie, Evansville, Everett, Fargo-Moorhead, Fort Myers, Gateway, Great Lakes, Harrisburg, High Desert, Iowa, Jupiter, Kane County, Kannapolis, Las Vegas, Lehigh Valley, Lexington, Long Island, Memphis, Midland, Missoula, Montgomery, New Orleans, Norfolk, Northwest Arkansas, Ogden, Orem, Pawtucket, Pensacola, Quad Cities, Rancho Cucamonga, Reading, Rockford, Round Rock, Sarasota, Schaumburg, Sioux City, Somerset, South Bend, State College, Stockton, Sussex, Tacoma, Tennessee, Trenton, Tri-City Valley Cats, Tulsa, Visalia, Washington, West Michigan, Winston-Salem, Worcester and Yuma.

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Family Picnic Olympics – Great Lakes Loons

Friday, July 4, 2008
The Loons are celebrating the nation’s birthday with an NCAA Tournament-style bracket that pits families against each other. After Uncle Sam throws out the first pitch, the families will compete in events like the water balloon toss, pizza toss and the build-a-burger. The final two families will race hamster balls. The winning family leaves with a $250 gift basket that includes a BBQ set, horseshoes, and a volleyball set – everything a family needs for a picnic.

Free fireworks in: Basically everywhere.

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Ice Fishing Trip Giveaway – Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks

Saturday, July 5, 2008
Need proof that teams don’t need huge promotion staffs to pull off a good promotion? The idea for this promo came from the Red Hawks’ groundskeeper. An avid fisherman, he suggested that the team give away a fishing trip. Fargo-Moorhead thought it was a pretty good idea, so one lucky fan will be able to take three of his friends on an ice fishing trip that includes an ice house. The fan won’t be able to redeem the prize until the lakes freeze, which in North Dakota may be a few weeks away.

Free fireworks in: Albuquerque, Asheville, Bowie, Bristol, Burlington Bees, Carolina, Cedar Rapids, Charlotte, Dayton, Fort Worth, Fresno, Greensboro, Hudson Valley, Kannapolis, Kansas City, Lansing, Long Beach, Long Island, Lynchburg, Midland, Modesto, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, New Britain, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Omaha, Orange County, Pawtucket, Potomac, Richmond, St. Lucie, Salt Lake, San Jose, Scranton-Wilkes Barre, South Bend, Toledo, West Virginia, Williamsport, Wisconsin and York.

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Jessica Simpson Day – Grand Prairie Air Hogs

Sunday, July 6, 2008
Grand Prairie doesn’t believe Jessica Simpson jinxed the Dallas Cowboys, and they are out to prove it. Any fan dressed like Simpson, be it with a blond wig or pink Dallas jersey, gets into the park for a buck. Once inside, fans will be bombarded with Simpson music and videos. Because Simpson likes dogs, fans are invited to bring theirs to the ballpark. There will even be a Simpson look-a-like contest, which will likely have many people offering to judge.

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Binghamton, Buffalo, Fort Worth, Lakeland, Myrtle Beach, Somerset, Toledo and West Virginia.

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Nothing Night – Lake Elsinore

Monday, July 7, 2008
Some promotions are outrageous, while others are simple. Lake Elsinore is going minimalist tonight, offering baseball and nothing else. Fans don’t need tickets. There will be no concession stands. No music. No public address announcer. It’s just baseball. There’s nothing like it.

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Election Night – Princeton Devil Rays

Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Plenty of clubs will host election nights in the coming weeks. Princeton is putting a unique twist on their Super Tuesday. Fans will be handed ballots on the way into the park, allowing them to vote for who the next president should be. In addition, the Devil Rays will give fans coin banks, with the theory that if a fan decides to sell their vote, they will have somewhere to put their money. It could be worth a couple of quarters.

Check out my blog for more on Crazy minor league promotions and fans.


Crazy Hot Dog Vendor Bobblehead – Reading Phillies

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Of all the bizarre nightly sideshow acts at minor league baseball games, Reading’s Crazy Hot Dog Vendor may benefit the most from institutionalization. He emerges between innings of a ballgame riding a stuffed ostrich and waving his arms frantically before firing free hot dogs to the screaming throngs of fans. In the same manner as the Franklin Mint memorializes major moments in our country’s history with trivial coins, Reading is forever immortalizing the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor with his own bobblehead. Only the bobblehead is way cooler and probably more valuable.

Free fireworks in: Kane County and Wilmington.

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Condiment Wars – Charleston RiverDogs

Thursday, July 10, 2008
Last year’s Condiment War went so well, the RiverDogs are adding another contestant. Mayonnaise joins mustard and reigning champion ketchup this year. Fans will choose their preferred condiment as they enter the ballpark. Between innings there will be a hot dog-eating contest where contestants have to eat dogs slathered with one of the condiments (Mayo on a dog?!). There will also be a packet-squeezing contest, where squeezing speed counts. Charleston pledges to crown the king of condiments on its web site tomorrow.

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Tommy John Bobble-arm Giveaway – Bridgeport Bluefish

Friday, July 11, 2008
If this year has shown anything it’s that bobbling isn’t confined to heads. Tonight, Bridgeport is honoring the surgery that’s had the biggest effect on baseball. In the mid-70s, pitcher Tommy John became the first to undergo ligament replacement surgery. Now the procedure more frequently known as “Tommy John Surgery” is common – too common – among pitchers. John, currently the Bridgeport manner, will be on hand for the event. In real life, the surgery went so well that his arm really doesn’t bobble.

Free fireworks in: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Buffalo, Charleston, Chillicothe, Columbus Catfish, Connecticut, Colorado Springs, Daytona, Florence, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Greeneville, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Indianapolis, Kane County, Lake County, Lake Elsinore, Lakewood, Lansing, Nashville, Reading, River City, Rockford, Round Rock, Savannah, Southern Illinois, Springfield, State College, South Bend, Sussex, Tennessee, Tucson and Washington and Worcester.

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Golf Giveaway – Palm Beach Cardinals

Saturday, July 12, 2008
South Florida is loaded with golf courses. Palm Beach is going to help its fans play a few holes. The first 500 fans 13 years or older through the gates for tonight’s Florida State League game against Lakeland will receive a voucher for a free round at one of 10 area golf courses. See, puttering around at the ballpark isn’t a bad thing.

Free fireworks in: Bridgeport, Charlotte, Clearwater, Delmarva, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Grand Prairie, Lake County, Lansing, Montgomery, Nashville, Rancho Cucamonga, Reading, Southern Maryland, Syracuse, Trenton, Tri-City Dust Devils, West Michigan, Williamsport and Yakima.

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Day of Death Defying Acts – Sioux Falls Canaries

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Sioux Falls is bringing danger to the ballpark. Mad Chad Taylor will cap his juggling show by tossing chainsaws. Larry Cisewski’s act includes knife throwing and arrow catching. Even Canaries President will get into the act with a fire-eating routine, and we don’t think that involves firing the manager.

Free fireworks in: Auburn, Camden, Delmarva, Frederick, Lancaster Barnstormers, Mahoning Valley and Southern Maryland.

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Miracle Mystery Night – Fort Myers Miracle

Monday, July 14, 2008
The Miracle are asking their fans to help them solve a mystery: Who Stole Second Base? Fort Myers has hidden clues throughout the ballpark, and staff members will have clues of their own. The first fan to sort through the clues and solve the mystery wins a Miracle prize pack that includes a trip for two on a local mystery dinner train. Fans on Florida’s west coast have been watching hour upon hour of Scooby Doo to prepare for this night.

Free fireworks in: Tri-City Valley Cats.

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Bud Selig Retirement Party – St. Paul Saints

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Bud Selig announced in December of 2006 that he planned to retire as MLB commissioner following the 2008 season. Even though Selig signed a three-year extension in January of this year, the Saints plan to hold him to his original promise. St. Paul will “honor” Selig by reviving some of the historic moments of his reign. During the eyeball race, one eyeball will be distracted by footage of the 1994 World Series (the one that was cancelled because of the strike). At some point the entertainment staff will go on strike. In a nod to the All-Star fiasco, all on-field promotional contests will be declared ties. The Saints will bring fans closer together by contracting one section of the ballpark. To top it off, a local retirement community donated a tour of its facilities to give to Selig. The Saints are going to pass that prize along to a fan. It’s enough to make an Expo fan misty.

Free fireworks in: San Angelo.

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A-Rod and Madonna Night – Grand Prairie AirHogs

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Grand Prairie is having fun with its love of celebrity gossip. Any couples that show up to the ballpark and claim, like A-Rod and Modaonna, to share an agent get in for a buck a piece. Game tickets for any singles wearing an A-Rod jersey or dressed as any of Madonna’s created personalities are also a dollar. Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez look-a-likes will compete in between inning contests to settle the divorce, with the winner of each event being awarded the car or the house, etc. The AirHogs will even start some gossip about their own third baseman Edwin Maldonado (E-Mal), detailing his activities from earlier in the day.

Free fireworks in: Kane County, and New Hampshire.

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Weird Al Yankovic Night – West Virginia Power

Thursday, July 17, 2008
No one can take a song and change it’s meaning like Weird Al. West Virginia will honor that talent tonight by playing plenty of his videos and songs. Eat It will accompany the eating contest, while competitors in the dance-off will likely strut their stuff to Fat. There will be an large Weird Al poster in the concourse that fans can high-five, and you just know there will be plenty of accordions.

Free fireworks in: Kane County, Lehigh Valley and New Hampshire.

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Second Amendment Night – Fresno Grizzlies

Friday, July 18, 2008
Fresno may have misunderstood the Supreme Court’s recent affirmation of the public’s right to bear arms. The Grizzlies are giving away foam claws similar to the ones that are found at the ends of arms of actual bears. Fans who show up to the ballpark wearing sleeveless shirts will receive one dollar off admission for each bear arm. A local sporting goods store will also be at the park, allowing fans to sign up for free hunting safety classes. It’s a night that would make our founding fathers proud.

Free fireworks in: Akron, Altoona, Beloit, Binghamton, Bowie, Brockton, Buffalo, El Paso, Evansville, Fort Worth, Fresno, Greeneville, Greensboro, Greenville, Hickory, Hudson Valley, Iowa, Joliet, Kane County, Kinston, Lake Elsinore, Lehigh Valley, Lexington, Louisville, Mississippi, Modesto, New Orleans, Newark, Omaha, Portland, Oklahoma, Quad Cities, Rancho Cucamonga, Rochester, Salem, Sioux Falls, Springfield, Washington, West Virginia, Wichita, Winston-Salem and Wisconsin.

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World’s Largest Pillow Fight – Kane County Cougars

Friday, July 19, 2008
Kane County tried to break the record last year but came up a feather short. This year the Cougars are dead set on breaking the record of 3,648 contestants. They already have 1,000 extra pillows to loan to fans that come to the ballpark unprepared. They will divide the outfield into areas for little kids, middle kids and those who want to take out all their frustrations. Contestants, load your pillow cases…

Free fireworks in: Beloit, Binghamton, Bowie, Cedar Rapids, Daytona, Great Falls, Greensboro, Joliet, Kane County, Kannapolis, Kansas City, Lancaster Barnstormers, Montgomery, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Peoria, Potomac, Sacramento, Somerset, Syracuse, Tri-City Dust Devils, West Tenn and Williamsport.

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World Series of Text Messaging – Sioux Falls Canaries

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Sioux Falls is teaming with a local cellular phone company to see whose digits can produce the fastest digitization. One excellent texter from among the Sioux Falls fans will join eight winners from local competitions and a couple Canaries players to determine the best of the text. The winner gets a free phone. The contest will take place as Sioux Falls 48 Hours of Baseball winds down. Starting with Friday night’s batting practice, baseball will have been played at the Sioux Falls park non-stop for two straight days. Canaries broadcast Matt Meola expects to broadcast all 48 hours. Click the link on the Sioux Falls web site to have a listen.

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Bowie, Myrtle Beach, State College and West Virginia.

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Frivolous Lawsuit Night – West Virginia Power

Monday, July 21, 2008
Ever spill hot coffee down your pants and blame the company that sold you the joe? Ever consider suing yourself because you drank too much alcohol?  Or maybe suing the beer company because, when drinking their brew, you didn’t meet women as easily as the guys on their commercials did? The Power feel your pain. They will salute these and other injustices perpetrate on our justice system tonight. The ballpark will be covered in caution tape and signs, warning fans about each possible misstep. The on-field M.C. will act more like a lawyer, detailing the risks contest competitors agreed to, and there may just be an “incident” with the hot dog toss.

Free fireworks in: Auburn.

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Harry Caray Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Fort Myers Miracle

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Sure, Fort Myers is a Minnesota affiliate, but someone in the organization simply can’t drop their Cubbie roots. For the last month the Miracle have borrowed from the Northsiders by showing video clips of celebrities singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. That all leads up to tonight’s stretch, where a staffer dressed as Caray will lead the singing. The Miracle will give fans “Harry Caray” glasses and hold a contest to find the best Caray impersonator. Fort Myers is also holding tryouts for future Ballgame singers. Wearing the glasses during the tryouts isn’t required, but it is encouraged.

Free fireworks in: Buffalo.

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National Gorgeous Grandma Night – Bowie Baysox

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Bowie intends to honor those ladies who have taken the long road but still have a few miles left on their tires. Grandmas will be given the opportunity to introduce themselves and tell how many grandchildren they have during a pre-game parade. Between innings grandmas can compete in Hot Flash – a game where Bowie will show a bunch of pictures of hot things on the video board and contestants need to recite the order. There will be a grandma smooch contest, where lipstick-wearing ladies will try to cover their husband’s faces with as many grandma kisses as possible. All this will culminate with one grandma being crowned Belle of the Ballpark.

Free fireworks in: Myrtle Beach and West Michigan.

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Politically Incorrect Night – Lowell Spinners

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Last night as part of Politically Correct Night, Lowell referred to the player that mans the area between second and third the “vertically challenged-stop.” The Spinners also gave away potholders to the first 250 fans. For tonight’s Politically Incorrect Night only the women will get potholders, and only women will serve food from the concession stands. Lowell will create an area with cots so that senior citizens have a place to nap. They will also give away gas cards and encourage their fans to waste gas. Insert woman driver’s joke here.

Free fireworks in: Orem, Ogden, Rancho Cucamonga and Salt Lake.

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Springsteen Night – Lakewood BruceClaws

Friday, July 25, 2008
They’re not saying “Blues,” they’re saying “Bruce.” For one night only, Lakewood is changing its nickname from the BlueClaws to the BruceClaws – and they have the uniforms to match. Lakewood will auction those jerseys following the game. During the game there will be a constant play list of Boss music and a raffle will give away a Springsteen-signed baseball. Baby they were born to win…

Free fireworks in: Akron, Albuquerque, Atlantic City, Birmingham, Burlington Bees, Colorado Springs, Columbus Catfish, Connecticut, Daytona, Delmarva, Everett, Florence, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Great Lakes, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Indianapolis, Lake County, Lake Elsinore, Lakewood, Lancaster Barnstormers, Lancaster JetHawks, Lansing, Las Vegas, Mahoning Valley, Modesto, Nashville, Northwest Arkansas, Reading, River City, Rockford, Round Rock, Salt Lake, Scranton-Wilkes Barre, South Bend, Southern Illinois, State College, Stockton, Sussex, Tennessee, Toledo, Tucson, West Michigan, Wilmington and Worcester.

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Take Me Out to the Bald Game – St. Paul Saints

Saturday, July 26, 2008
The idea is simple, yet convoluted. St. Paul is going to poke fun at those people unlucky enough to still have hair atop their heads. Throughout the night the Saints will show how bald people are genetically superior to those with hair. In the entertainment category, Shakespeare will be compared to Carrot Top. Fans can have their heads shaved during the game, and Take Me out to the Ballgame will be led by a group of bald people. It’s enough to make Sinead O’Connor tattoo stitches on her head.

Free fireworks in: Bridgeport, Charlotte, Clearwater, Delmarva, Erie, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Grand Prairie, Lake County, Lansing, Nashville, Reading, Round Rock, Schaumburg, Southern Maryland, Toledo, Trenton, Tri-City Dust Devils, Tulsa, Salt Lake, Wilmington and York.

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Show and Tell – Hudson Valley Renegades

Sunday, July 27, 2008
Hudson Valley recognizes that its fans have a lot of cool stuff. The Renegades are asking their fans to bring their stuff to the ballpark. If its cool enough, the Renegades will allow the owner to tell the ballpark the story behind the object. Don’t have anything worth showing. Well, the first 1,500 fans 12 and under will receive a Rene Build-a-Bear, which will come in handy the next time a cool object is needed.

Free fireworks in: Auburn, Frederick, Lake County, Mahoning Valley, Myrtle Beach, State College and Toledo.

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South Dakota’s Funniest Home Videos – Sioux Falls Canaries

Monday, July 28, 2008
Sioux Falls is turning over entertainment duties to its fans tonight. The Canaries are asking their fans to bring their funniest clips to the ballpark. Fans are also invited to bring their video cameras to the park to try to make some new videos. The best videos will appear on the video board. Everyone in attendance can vote for their favorite with the winner receiving $500. We bet it’s “man hit in crotch by foreign object.”

Check out my blog for more on Crazy minor league promotions and fans.


Are You Ready For Some Football? III – Charleston RiverDogs

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
NFL training camps opened this week. Charleston wants to be sure all its fans are ready for the sport that follows baseball. The RiverDogs General Manager Dave Echols will take on Assistant GM Jim Pfander in a punt, pass and kick competition. One of the contests will feature punt returns while wearing inflatable sumo outfits. Fans wearing football jerseys receive two-for-one admission and everyone in attendance is invited onto the field for a pre-game football toss.

Free fireworks in: Binghamton, Tri-City Valley Cats and Winnipeg.

Check out my blog for more on Crazy minor league promotions and fans.


Salute to Fast Food Workers – Gateway Grizzlies

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
The Frontier League’s Grizzlies want to honor those workforce mavens of rapid food delivery. Gateway bombarded local fast foot restaurants with flyers alerting workers to the night’s festivities. Any worker that comes to the ballpark in uniform or brings a copy of the flyer gets in free. To make them feel at home - or perhaps at work – all Grizzlies staffers will wear uniforms from fast-food restaurants. Fast food workers are also encouraged to take part in the hamburger/hot dog wrapping contest. Hey, it’s better than trying to eat 30 hot dogs in 30 seconds.

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Tribute to Bob – Toledo Mudhens

Thursday, July 31, 2008
Robert, Bobby, Roberto and Bob, this is your night. Even if your name doesn’t fall from the Bob tree, the Mudhens will call you “Bob” all night. That includes players, coaches and umpires, who will all be announced as “Bob” by special guest PA announcer, the Detroit Tigers own Bobb Vergiels. Sponge Bob will also be in the park and may actually compete in the bobbing for apples contest. Nobody will leave this game wondering, What about Bob?

Free fireworks in: Binghamton, New Hampshire, Sussex and Wisconsin.

Check out my blog for more on Crazy minor league promotions and fans.


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