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Promotions of the Day for August and September, 2008


Thank a Farmer Night – Frederick Keys

Friday, August 1, 2008
Where would we be without farmers? Well, hungry for starters. Frederick wants to ensure their area farmers understand how much they are appreciated. And what better way to show the love than a pre-game cow-milking contest sponsored by, of all people, the Maryland Soybean Board. Wonder if they ever toyed with the idea of a bean-milking contest? Be sure to stick around after the game for explosions in the sky.

Free fireworks in: Akron, Altoona, Batavia, Beloit, Birmingham, Brockton, Camden, Casper, Charleston, Colorado Springs, Delmarva, Durham, Fort Worth, Frederick, Fresno, Greeneville, Hagerstown, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Iowa, Joliet, Kane County, Lake County, Lakewood, Memphis, New Britain, New Jersey, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Quad Cities, Rockford, Savannah, Somerset, Springfield, Staten Island, Syracuse, Tacoma, Visalia and Wisconsin.

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Yankee Stadium Wrecking Ball Giveaway – Brockton Rox

Saturday, August 2, 2008
Not everyone is getting all misty over Yankee Stadium’s last season. Some, like the folks in Brockton (Mass.), can’t wait. In anticipation of the stadium’s razing, the Can-Am League’s Rox are giving away miniature replicas of the old ballpark that features a crane parked in the infield swinging a wrecking ball. Will more than 50 percent of those giveaways make it home intact?

Free fireworks in: Aberdeen, Beloit, Camden, Cedar Rapids, Charlotte, Durham, Frederick, Kane County, Greensboro, Jacksonville, Joliet, Kannapolis, Lehigh Valley, Lexington, Long Island, Midland, Montgomery, New Hampshire, Norfolk, Omaha, Peoria, Potomac, Rancho Cucamonga, Sacramento, San Antonio, Spokane, Tri-City ValleyCats, Williamsport, Windy City and Wisconsin.

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Grills Gone Wild – Huntsville Stars

Sunday, August 3, 2008
While the title of the Stars promotion may conjure images of naughty teenagers on spring break, the actual night shares more similarities with Willy Wonka. Word is that Billy Ray’s Grill, located inside the Huntsville ballpark, cooks up a tremendous cheese steak. The Stars will hide special “golden tickets” inside a few cheese steak wrappers. Winning fans can redeem those tickets for various prizes that include a 2009 season ticket package or a game-worn jersey. Those who don’t win still get one heck of a cheese steak. No word on whether Billy Ray will take off his shirt…

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Frederick, Lancaster, Mahoning Valley, Myrtle Beach and West Virginia.

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Brett Favre Night – Augusta GreenJackets

Monday, August 4, 2008
Will he or won’t he play? Augusta really doesn’t care that much, they just want to have a little fun at Favre’s expense. In honor of his retirement and subsequent decision to come back to the NFL, the GreenJackets will give the first 100 fans a pair of flip-flops. Augusta will also retire the No.4 in honor of Favre, only to reinstate it the following night. Unfortunately Favre won’t be able to attend. He reports to Packers camp today.

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Polish Festival Night – Buffalo Bisons

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Two hours prior to Wednesday’s scheduled 7:05 start, Buffalo will strike up the polish band and send out the Polish dancers. There will be plenty of pre-game kielbasas, perogies and galumpkies in the food tent. The dancers will also perform between innings and the Bisons will also introduce their Buffalo Polish-American of the Year. The highlight, though, may be the Polish Spelling Bee, where Buffalo staffers will wander the crowd asking fans to spell Carl Yastrzemski and Mike Krzyzewski.

Free fireworks in: Buffalo.

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Salute to Indoor Plumbing – Camden Riversharks

Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Most Americans take indoor plumbing for granted. Camden intends to remind fans how great indoor plumbing really is. The Riversharks have invited plumbers and plumbing unions to the park. To keep them from having to work, they’ve also brought in a bunch of porto-potties. Fans that don’t want to use the portable toilets will have to pay a toll to use the regular restrooms, with the money being donated to a local charity. The Riversharks even have a slogan: Don’t get pissy, pay the toll. We are not making that up.

Free fireworks in: Kane County, Tri-City ValleyCats and Wilmington.

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Salute to Whoopie Pie – Lancaster Barnstormers

Thursday, August 7, 2008
Whoopie Pie, a treat that features two thin cakes sandwiching a creamy center, is a local Pennsylvania Dutch treat. Tonight the Barnstormers will have an entire “whoopie” section, where everyone with a ticket to that area gets a free pie. For those not seated in that section, there will be a 150-pound whoopie pie in the ballpark. Whoopie pies will be incorporated into between-inning promotions, likely including a pie eating contest and a pie toss. Perhaps best of all, Lancaster showed tremendous restraint by not inviting Whoopi Goldberg.

Free fireworks in: Bluefield, Kane County, Reading and Trenton.

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Ode to 8 – Toledo Mudhens

Friday, August 8, 2008
Eights are wild on 8/8/08 - nowhere more so than in Toledo. The Mudhens will have eight people throw out first pitches. They will pay tribute to spiders and octopi, stop signs and packages of hotdog buns (why do they come in eights?). Fans entering the ballpark will receive a box of Crazy 8s playing cards, while fans competing in between-inning promotions will receive a prize package that includes 8-tracks and hot dog buns. There will even be a special promotion at 8:08 p.m. Could the folks from Apollo 8 be making a trip to Mudhen land?

Free fireworks in: Atlantic City, Batavia, Binghamton, Bowie, Cedar Rapids, Chattanooga, Colorado Springs, Connecticut, Durham, El Paso, Gary, Great Falls, Great Lakes, Greensboro, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Hudson Valley, Kane County, Kinston, Lake County, Lake Elsinore, Lancaster JetHawks, Las Vegas, Lehigh Valley, Lexington, Modesto, Nashville, Newark, Northwest Arkansas, Peoria, Reading, River City, Rochester, Rockford, Round Rock, Savannah, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Sioux Falls, South Bend, State College, Stockton, Toledo, Traverse City, Tucson, Winston-Salem, Southern Maryland, West Tenn, West Virginia, Washington, Worcester and York.

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Salute to the Sandwich – Mahoning Valley Scrappers

Saturday, August 9, 2008
Mahoning Valley is paying tribute to everyone’s favorite lunch meal. A giant sandwich will be walking the ballpark throughout the ballgame. There will be video clips of Scrappers describing their favorite sandwiches. Visiting players don’t have that luxury. Mahoning Valley will insert a sandwich in place of their faces in the at-bat photo on the scoreboard. Is it a bigger honor to be the ham and cheese or an egg salad?

Free fireworks in: Aberdeen, Beloit, Bowie, Bridgeport, Clearwater, Colorado Springs, Daytona, Durham, Everett, Fargo-Moorhead, Fort Wayne, Greensboro, Hagerstown, High Desert, Lake County, Lakeland, Lansing, Lexington, Nashville, Reading, Rochester, San Antonio, Southern Maryland, Spokane, Toledo, Trenton, Tulsa, West Michigan and Wisconsin.

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Men’s Appreciation Night – Aberdeen IronBirds

Sunday, August 10, 2008
Many clubs have helped raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer. Aberdeen wants to make sure the fight against prostate cancer doesn’t get overlooked. They are teaming with Ed Randall’s Bat for the Cure to bring plenty of info to the ballpark. Some players will show their support by wearing blue wristbands. Others have recorded public service announcements about how prostate cancer has affected family members and friends. Thankfully, the IronBirds dismissed the idea of offering prostate exams in the concourse.

Free fireworks in: Bowie, Edinburg and Toledo.

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Bobblection – Fort Myers Miracle

Monday, August 11, 2008
The Goldklang Group, of which Mike Veeck is president, had each of its teams hold their own bobblection, where fans entering the ballpark got their choice of a Barack Obama or John McCain bobblehead doll. The first candidate to run out of bobbleheads was declared the winner. Obama took the early lead with some of the northern clubs, but the bobblection doesn’t close until Florida gets its vote tonight. Four years ago the bobbleection correctly predicted George Bush’s victory over John Kerry.

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Only the Good Die Young- Modesto Nuts

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Some of Hollywood’s brightest stars burn out before they reach maturity. Modesto plans to celebrate the lives of some of those people with video tributes that include movie scenes from Heath Ledger, Chris Farley and, more recently, Bernie Mac. Musicians won’t be left out either, as the sounds of Nirvana, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix will flow through the ballpark. Billy Joel’s famous hit will likely make an appearance, too.

Free fireworks in: Binghamton.

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Copier Demolition Night – Yuma Scorpions

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Pretty much anyone who’s ever worked in an office has battled a photocopier. Open a few doors, flip a few levers; maybe the paper jam can be found. Yuma has a better solution. They’ve convinced a local copier store to donate an old copier. One lucky fan, chosen at random, will be awarded a baseball bat and 90 seconds to do to the copier what he pleases. The destruction will happen on top of the dugout between innings. The Scorpions front office is hoping fans in the front rows leave wearing a little extra toner.

Free fireworks in: Joliet, Kane County, Tri-City ValleyCats, West Michigan, and Winnipeg.

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Dirty Laundry Night – Toledo Mudhens

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Toledo is playing both sides of this double meaning. The first 1,500 fans receive a Mudhens laundry bag. One lucky fan will even win the opportunity to have their dirty laundry cleaned and pressed while they watch a future Mudhens game. Plenty of “dirty” themed songs will be played between innings, but the most entertaining portion of the night will likely be the airing of fans’ anonymous “dirty laundry” submissions over the ballpark public address system.

Free fireworks in: Binghamton, Kane County, Long Island, New Hampshire, Sussex, Toledo and Trenton.

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All Things Chicago Night – Tennessee Smokies

Friday, August 15, 2008
Tennessee is paying homage to the city its parent club calls home. Some Smokies will get a glimpse of their future when Tennessee takes the diamond wearing Cubbie blue. Chicago trivia and a Blues Brothers tribute band will entertain between innings. Dave Harris, winner of the Smokies’ Harry Caray impersonation contest, will lead the ballpark in “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” The only question remaining is whether they’ve found the glowing-green relish for the Chicago dogs.

Free fireworks in: Akron, Batavia, Beloit, Bowie, Buffalo, Brooklyn, Casper, Colorado Springs, Florence, Fort Wayne, Fort Worth, Hickory, Hudson Valley, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Iowa, Joliet, Kane County, Lakewood, Lowell, Mahoning Valley, Midland, Mobile, Nashville, Norfolk, Omaha, Peoria, Rancho Cucamonga, Reading, River City, Salem-Keizer, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Southern Illinois, Springfield, Staten Island, Tacoma, Tennessee, Visalia, Washington and West Michigan.

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A Night of Great Ideas – St. Paul Saints

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Mankind has come up with some pretty cool ideas: the wheel, the light bulb and baseball. The Saints will pay tribute to these and other ideas during tonight’s ballgame. There will be some sliced bread in the stands and plenty of rock n’ roll music over the speakers. Thomas Edison will make an appearance and there’s late word that Nikola Tesla may be there in spirit. Some Saints’ interns are even working on building a their own flux capacitor, in case one of them needs to make like a tree and get out of there.

Free fireworks in: Bowie, Burlington, Camden, Cedar Rapids, Daytona, Delmarva, Erie, Fort Wayne, Frederick, Joliet, Kane County, Lancaster Barnstormers, Lehigh Valley, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Quad Cities, Reading, Round Rock, Sacramento, Schaumburg, Somerset, Syracuse, Tri-City Dust Devils, Vancouver, West Tenn, Williamsport and Windy City.

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Woodstock Weekend – Brockton Rox

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Woodstock Weekend kicked off in authentic style with a thunderstorm that came in so fast on Friday that it kept Brockton from completely covering its field. The Rox are wearing special Woodstock jerseys all weekend, which will likely be covered in mud. Music from the late 60s will permeate the park, culminating with a post-game concert by the Psychedelic Relics tomorrow night. And just in case the mud dries before the end of the weekend, the Rox are bringing some of their own, with between-inning mud pie eating contests.

Free fireworks in: Bowie, Mahoning Valley, Myrtle Beach, Reading, San Angelo, State College and Texarkana.

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Guilty Pleasures Night – Wilmington Blue Rocks

Monday, August 18, 2008
The team that celebrates each of their runs scored by sending a dancing celery stalk onto the field wants to know other people’s guilty pleasures. Blue Rocks players actually admitted to liking romance novels, tanning and Saved by the Bell reruns. There’s no telling what the fans will come up with, but if anyone’s guilty pleasure is Chad Durbin they are in luck. The Philadelphia Phillies reliever will spend his off day by visiting Judy Johnson Field at Daniel S. Frawley Stadium – a name that itself likely qualifies as a guilty pleasure.

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Lawyers Night – Visalia Oaks

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Visalia appreciates the importance of lawyers – its in-house counsel also holds promotion and marketing positions – but that’s not going to stop the Oaks from having a little fun. Fans frustrated with the legal profession can try for some relief by sinking the lawyer in the dunk tank. Lawyer jokes will cross the PA throughout the night, and anyone who misbehaves during between-inning promotions is prone to be served with a lawsuit. There should be plenty of lawyers willing to help. They can enter the ballpark for a reduced admission.

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Binghamton and Fort Worth.

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Guys Night – Lancaster Barnstormers

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
The Barnstormers realize that guys like more than just baseball and they are bringing a whole bunch of those things to the ballpark. There will be a classic car show before the game. Hungry guys can participate in a contest to see which guy can eat the most Buffalo wings in a five-minute span. There will be a launch-a-ball contest where a winning toss wins great seats at a Phillies game. The winner will likely already know somebody at the park. The Phillies’ bat girls will be in Lancaster tonight greeting fans.

Free fireworks in: Wilmington and St. Paul.

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80s Hair Band Tribute – Lake County Captains

Thursday, August 21, 2008
Lake County loves the 80s. They’ve hired the band 1988 to play a pre-game and post-game concert. Famous rock stars will be incorporated into the Captains’ “Dead or Alive?” promotion, where fans have to determine whether the performer is currently above or below ground. To keep with the 80s bad-boy image, the Captains will have tattoo artists at the park who will permanently emblazon the Lake County logo on any interested fan for free. Woooow, they are half way there…

Free fireworks in: Great Lakes, Reading, Sussex and Trenton.

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Nuts Remake the Classics – Modesto Nuts

Friday, August 22, 2008
Several times this season Modesto front office staffers snuck away from their baseball responsibilities to rehearse and re-enact scenes from classic sports movies. Last year their versions of the classic “There’s no crying in baseball” scene from A League of their Own and the mound scene from Bull Durham were two of the recreations that were shown on the video board between innings. This year, look for scenes from Rudy and Field of Dreams, among others. Can a night on the red carpet be far behind?

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Batavia, Binghamton, Birmingham, Brooklyn, Clearwater, Colorado Springs, Connecticut, El Paso, Everett, Fargo-Moorhead, Fresno, Gary, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Kinston, Lake County, Lansing, Louisville, Mobile, Modesto, Nashville, Newark. Northwest Arkansas, Omaha, Portland Beavers, Rancho Cucamonga, Rochester, Salt Lake, Savannah, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Sioux Falls, State College, Traverse City, West Virginia, Winston-Salem and Wisconsin.

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Barnyard Night – Yuma Scorpions

Saturday, August 23, 2008
Yuma is dancing its third tango with the barnyard. This year’s version features a pre-game greased pig and a between-inning goat-milking contest. The highlight, though, may be the post-game Chicken Poop Bingo. Fans can purchase one of the 100 squares behind home plate. A chicken will be released on the board. The owner of whichever square it poops on receives half the money raised. Anyone know a cheer that can make a chicken crap?

Free fireworks in: Beloit, Burlington Bees, Charlotte, Clearwater, Clinton, Colorado Springs, Durham, Fort Wayne, Great Falls, Inland Empire, Lake County, Lexington, Midland, Nashville, Omaha, Orem, Peoria, Potomac, Salem, Salt Lake, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Southern Maryland, Tennessee, Toledo, Trenton, Tri-City Dust Devils, Tulsa, Vancouver, West Michigan, Wichita, Windy City, Winnipeg, Wisconsin, Yakima and York.

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Steelers/Browns Night Mahoning Valley

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Every year at this time baseball fans share their Sundays with pigskin lover. Mahoning Valley, located in the gray area between Pittsburgh and Cleveland is taking advantage of both passions. The Scrappers are asking their fans to choose an allegiance between the Steelers and the Browns today. Can the Browns compete with a team that boasts all those Super Bowl trophies?

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Binghamton, Fresno, Mahoning Valley, Myrtle Beach, Toledo and Worcester.

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High School Night – Yuma Scorpions

Monday, August 25, 2008
Tonight’s Scorpions game might feel more like a football game than a Golden League baseball contest. Yuma sent 12,000 free tickets to the eight local high schools. Three high school bands will be in attendance, each getting a shot to play between innings. Five cheerleading/dance teams will also perform between innings. Schools who send administration representatives who aren’t afraid of a little water could turn this into a profitable night. The school will keep all money paid while their representative is in the dunk tank. Depending on their principal, it could be hefty take.

Free fireworks in: Corpus Christi and Tri-City ValleyCats.

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Wax the Max Night – Casper Ghosts

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Casper PA announcer Chris “Max” Maxwell is a big man with a bit of a problem: excessive back hair. The Ghosts are going to help him with that problem – kind of. They’ve hired a beautician to wax away that back hair. Of course, it’s going to happen in the booth while he’s trying to announce the game. The Ghosts will ask fans to donate a certain amount of money for each strip of hair pulled off his back. Money raised will go toward Big Brothers Big Sisters. Maxwell may pay them just to stop the insanity.

Free fireworks in: Buffalo, Greeneville and Reading.

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Something Fishy – Hudson Valley Renegades

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
The baseball diamond isn’t normally a place for a fish, but that will change tonight. The Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries will allow all children in attendance to leave the ballpark with a live pet goldfish. Those who don’t want a live fish can choose to chomp on a packet of goldfish crackers. There will be a few between-inning fishing promos and plenty of songs that deal with fish. Let’s hope Barnes and Barnes “Fish heads” is one of the songs. Look it up. 

Free fireworks in: Buffalo and Charleston.

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Tribute to Imperfection – Jamestown Jammers

Thursday. August 28, 2008
Jamestown figured the night New England plays New York in a Super Bowl rematch is the perfect night to salute those who had perfection in their grasp only to let it crash to the floor like a pile of flaming dog poop. In case Patriot fans have forgotten, Jammers staffers will perform their reenactment of Eli Manning’s championship-winning touchdown pass. Any fan sitting in seat number 1 of any row will receive a set of Jammers’ baseball cards in honor of the Patriots’ one loss and the Dolphins’ lone win last season. Maybe they should also give away Liquid Paper, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

Free fireworks in: Bowie, Gary, Lakewood, Lansing, Lehigh Valley, Montgomery, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Portland, Reading and West Michigan.

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The 2008 Screwball Awards – Midland Rockhounds

August 29, 2008
Screwball, Midland’s wacky on-field announcer, has always wanted to host the Grammy’s. Tonight might just come close. As part of their fan appreciation weekend, the Rockhounds are giving away some oddball awards to their fans. Several lucky fans will leave the ballpark with the Screwball for being the loudest fan, the fan that most frequently keeps the umpire in line or the most passionate fan. The winner of the Beer Man’s Best Friend award, which we can only assume is code for “drunkest fan” will be so proud.

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Atlantic City, Brockton, Brooklyn, Cedar Rapids, Durham, Everett, Florence, Frederick, Greensboro, Harrisburg, High Desert, Indianapolis, Iowa, Joliet, Kane County, Kansas City, Lake Elsinore, Lakewood, Las Vegas, Lehigh Valley, Mississippi, Mobile, Modesto, New Orleans, Newark, Norfolk, Quad Cities, Rochester, Round Rock, Schaumburg, South Bend, Somerset, Springfield, Staten Island, Tacoma, Toledo, Tucson, Visalia, West Virginia and Wilmington.

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Star Wars Night – Jupiter Hammerheads

Saturday, August 30, 2008
Jupiter needs to win today and tomorrow to claim the Florida State League East Division title. The Hammerheads hope The Force will help. Anyone named Luke, Han, Leia or Chewbacca gets in free as does anyone born on May 25 - Star Wars’ original release date. Those wearing Star Wars gear get in for reduced admission. To make sure the night has an out-of-this-galaxy feel, a local Star Wars fan club will be in the park wearing full battle gear. It’s enough to make a Wookie wobble.

Free fireworks in: Aberdeen, Arkansas, Bakersfield, Beloit, Cedar Rapids, Columbus, Delmarva, Durham, Erie, Fort Myers, Frederick, Great Lakes, Greensboro, Idaho Falls, Kane County, Lakeland, Norfolk, Rancho Cucamonga, Rochester, Rome, Round Rock, San Antonio, Sarasota, Southern Maryland, Stockton, Trenton, Vancouver, West Virginia, Williamsport and Yakima.

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25 Cent Night – Delmarva Shorebirds

Sunday, August 31, 2008
It’s been 25 years since Baltimore won the World Series. Delmarva, the Orioles South Atlantic League affiliate, are celebrating that 1983 championship. Tickets for tonight’s game are only a quarter. The first 1,000 will receive a Baltimore jersey with the number 83 on the back. The Orioles’ mascot will even be in the park to join in the fun. Who says you can’t get anything for a quarter anymore?

Free fireworks in: Altoona, Ashville, Beloit, Carolina, Charlotte, Chillicothe, Chattanooga, Columbus, Frederick, Hagerstown, Kane County, Memphis, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Ottawa, Pawtucket, Rochester, Savannah, Syracuse, Tri-City ValleyCats, and West Virginia.

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“Labor” Day – Lancaster Barnstormers

Monday, September 1, 2008
The Barnstormers are taking Labor Day in a somewhat oddly literal fashion. The first 500 pregnant fans to enter the ballpark will receive baby rattles. The first 100 kids 5 and under will receive “Future Barnstormer” t-shirts. But the biggest draw – certainly the one with the most girth - is what Lancaster is dubbing its “Labor Lottery.” Any pregnant person that goes into labor during the ballgame wins $5,000, courtesy of a local OB-GYN. Will the delivery umpire call the newborn safe or out?

Free fireworks in: Atlantic City, Columbus, Delmarva, Hudson Valley and Somerset.

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Pimp Your Dorm/Salute to Animal House – State College Spikes

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
School is back in session in State College, home of Penn State University, and the Spikes want to help college students build a better pad. Five lucky students will leave the ballpark with either a new television, an entertainment center, an Ipod, a chair or a printer. A few others will leave with packages of Raman noodles or toilet paper, which will be tossed into the stands between innings. Everyone will get to watch some clips from Animal House and will leave with a free box of macaroni and cheese. The staff – all wearing togas - will surely groove to Otis Day and the Nights.

Free fireworks in: Yakima.

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Wacky Wednesday – Great Falls Voyagers

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
The Voyagers aren’t afraid to try something different - as the contestants who’ve thrown up while running with jelly doughnuts in their mouths during a between inning contest can attest. Prior to the start of the season the Great Falls front office decided to give away free tickets to residents of Lewistown and Fort Shaw, two towns about 100 miles away. The Voyagers figured that anyone who would spend so much money on gas simply to use free tickets qualifies as wacky. Tonight’s the last night to redeem those tickets. Hurry, before gas prices rise again.

Free fireworks in: Evansville, Gateway, Spokane and Tri-City Dust Devils.

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Power of Attorney Night – Brooklyn Cyclones

Thursday, September 4, 2008
The Cyclones want to salute lawyers and the legal system. Brooklyn will host their version of the People’s Court – they are calling it Cyclones’ Court – where any fan can bring another fan up on whatever bizarre charges they desire. There will be an ambulance-chasing contest and someone will literally have a book thrown at them. Ducking is suggested.

Free fireworks in: State College and Traverse City.

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College Night – Tri-City ValleyCats

Friday, September 5, 2008
The atmosphere in the stands at minor league baseball games can resemble a fraternity party at times. Tri-City is trying to recreate that feel tonight. The ValleyCats are offering free admission to students from any of the multiple local colleges, including the University of Albany, Siena and RPI. Students from the different schools will complete in the between-inning games. The pre-game homerun derby between participants in an upcoming stickball tournament, however, may prove to be the most entertaining part of the night.

Free fireworks in: Camden, Casper, Lancaster Barnstormers, Mahoning Valley and Staten Island.

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Secret Life of Yaks – Hudson Valley Renegades

Saturday, September 6, 2008
The Renegades gave their fans the choice between Yaks, a Salute to Obscure Vegetables and Paramecium: Friend or Foe. Apparently the Hudson Valley has a yak fascination. To honor the fans’ choice the Renegades will host a between-inning yak race, where participants will race on their hands and feet. There will be a yak milk drinking contest and plenty of trivia. The Renegades also pledge to explore what it is yaks do when they are behind closed doors.

Free fireworks in: Bridgeport, Hudson Valley, Tri-City ValleyCats and York.

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This ends the regular season for every league other than the Atlantic.

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