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Fans are flocking to minor league baseball in record numbers. Why? There are many factors. The players are more accessible. The games are less expensive. The stadiums are easier to drive to than their major league counterparts.

But the main reason is that the minors have brought fun back to baseball. Wacky promotions and between-innings contests bring in the fans and good baseball keeps them entertained.

Want more proof about the popularity of the minor leagues? Check the Internet. The Web is loaded with sites highlighting local teams. They give team stats and report on the progress of prospects.

And they miss the point. No one is bringing the fun, shenanigans and zaniness of the minor leagues to your computer screen.

My mission, one which I gladly accept, is to collect the strangest plays, funniest clubhouse antics, wildest practical jokes and craziest promotions, and put them all in one place.

Here. It's everything you love about the minors.

About Chuck King

Minor League baseball has been a major part of my life since 1996, when my brother was drafted by the Cubs. In the years that followed I searched for ways to combine my passion for minor league baseball with my profession: journalism.

I started writing game stories and features for local papers, but found that I couldnít write about the good stuff. It was just the facts and statistics. The great pranks, promotions and clubhouse gags constantly happening around minor league ballparks simply didnít fit the format.

Thatís why I finally stepped away from newspapers and wrote: The Funniest Thing Iíve Ever Seen: More than 100 crazy stories from minor league baseball. The book contains the greatest minor league stories Iíve ever heard. And others seem to agree.

After publishing the book I returned to the world of newsprint, covering the Florida State League for the Palm Beach Post. But the response from the book was so encouraging that Iíve launched this site, dedicated to covering the interesting, absurd and fun facets of minor league baseball that fans of the minors crave.

If you have any questions about the site or minor league baseball in general, you can reach Chuck King at

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