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Jupiter ballpark gives Thirsty Thursdays a shot
Roger Dean Stadium crowd

Minor league baseball teams have not been exempt from the economy’s downtown, leaving many front offices scrambling for ways to increase revenue.

At Florida’s Roger Dean Stadium, home of the Jupiter Hammerheads and the Palm Beach Cardinals of the Florida State League, officials have bought an old standby to the ballpark for the first time.

Opening night of 2009 featured the ballpark’s first Thirsty Thursday, offering fans a 16-ounce beer or soda for $2.

“Many, many other minor league teams are doing it,” stadium general manager Joe Pinto said. “It’s a great way to bring a crowd, as long as we can keep it controlled – which I know we will. It’ll introduce some people to the stadium who haven’t been here for a ballgame.”

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Marlins farmhands ask: Got Eyewash?
Eyewash logo

The end of the regular season normally brings minor leaguers a few months of relaxation. That doesn’t apply to Florida farmhands Jay Buente and Jarrett Santos. They’re still attending to business.

Last year while at Greensboro, Buente and Santos joined former teammate Avi Rasowsky in the formation of Eyewash – a clothing company which takes its name from a slang baseball players use to describe an article of clothing or an accessory that aids a player’s look more than his performance.

“Under Armor and Nike, they sell stuff just because of their name,” said Santos, who started the season with Buente in Jupiter before reaching Class AAA Albuquerque. “It doesn’t matter what the product is. People buy it because of the name on it. So why not call them out on it and make our own product?”

Eyewash’s primary items include elbow sleeves, wristbands and dry fit shirts.

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Obama sweeps McCain in Goldklang's bobblection

If oversized heads prone to bobbing up and down suddenly become a swing issue in November’s presidential campaign, Barack Obama has a huge advantage.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee swept all six states in the Goldklang Group’s recently completed bobblection and claimed the overall vote 55.1% to 44.9%

“This year went even better than four years ago,” Charleston assistant general manager Jim Pfander said. “If we were able to project the 2004 election down to the state, then I guess Barack Obama is going to run away with this election.”

George Bush won the Goldklang Group’s 2004 bobblection over John Kerry before besting the Democratic nominee in the actual election by nearly the same amount.

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    Now that the minor league season is over, we'll take a look back at the best of 2008.


    Spam Carving Competition - Reading Phillies

    Friday, June 20, 2008
    Fans who understand the art of playing with their food need to be in Reading. The Phillies will sell any fan as many cans of Spam as they need for $5 per can. Plastic knives for carving will be provided, though true Spam-carving enthusiasts often bring tools more commonly used for shaping clay. The winner will receive $100, while all other proceeds collected will go to charity. The last time Reading held this event, a carving of the Phillie Phanatic edged Yosemite Spam and a sculpture of clocks dubbed “Spam-ador Dali” for the top prize. Really!

    Free fireworks in: Altoona, Atlantic City, Batavia, Birmingham, Brockton, Casper, Columbus Catfish, Colorado Springs, Connecticut, Durham, Fargo-Moorhead, Gary, Greeneville, Greenville, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Iowa, Kannapolis, Kinston, Lake Elsinore, Lakewood, Lansing, Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, Newark, Northwest Arkansas, Peoria, Reading, River City, Round Rock, Salem-Keizer, Scranton-Wilkes Barre, Somerset, South Bend, Springfield, Syracuse, Tennessee, Tulsa, Winston-Salem, Washington and Wisconsin.

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    The Funniest Thing Iíve Ever Seen
    The Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen: Tales from the Minor Leagues
    An alligator in a playerís bed, players donning mascot uniforms during games, bizarre ways to end up on the DL and female fans who will do anything to meet ballplayers are just some of the topics covered in these outrageous real life tales of minor league baseball.

    The Funniest Thing Iíve Ever Seen is quickly becoming a hot seller in minor league ballpark gift shops.

    Includes stories from current and former Florida Marlins farmhands Aaron Small, Chris Ashby and Joe Nelson.